April 22, 2009

Little Girls are sooo fun!

Sit quietly Mr. Bear! Maggie has a story for you.

Mr. Bear likes the classics. Curious George is a favorite.

Maggie is wearing her 2 favorite things...princess snowboots
and her frilly pink dress.
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So this little guy is quite the handful these days!
He is my most active climber so far.
We find him on just about anything that could be climbed on.

This week, he finally figured out how to climb out
of his crib. The dismount didn't go so well.

He is quite the character! He's a cuddle bug,
always has a smile, but if it gets quiet...he's
probably into something!
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We recently went to the zoo with friends, and had
a great time together.

It was freezing cold to me, but the kids don't seem to mind.

These monkies were funny.

Maggie sure is getting big!
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