April 24, 2008

Highland Park

Today we went to Highland Park to see the Spring trees blossoming. The Magnolias were absolutely beautiful! I am suprised my allergies didn't go nuts while we were out there. The air smelled like sweet candy, and the flowers were falling all around us. I don't think I could do it justice with words.

The kids tolerated me taking their pictures in a few places around the park. I just couldn't even capture the trees! We walked up a path and saw 4 painters with their easles and canvases painting these trees. All of their pictures were so different and pretty springy colors. Once we arrived at the indoor flower garden, a lady came up to me and asked if I wanted to be in a picture with the kids. I tell you, the people in the park were very cheerful! I think the sun and flowers sure do bring out smiles! I sure can't wait to see heaven. It will be more than I could imagine!

Here are a few individual shots of the
kids. Poor JW didn't make it out of the carseat too many times. I had my hands full!

The boys are just starting to show interest in climbing trees this year.
Grandpa is building them a tree fort...that should be fun!

The indoor flowers were very pretty. They had a section of spring bulb type flowers (which I could hardly peel Maggie away from), and then more tropical to then the desert type plants. I was intriged by all of them. Absolutely beautiful!
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April 18, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa's

Grandma & Grandpa's place...
We spent the afternoon over at Grandma & Granpa's place, and boy was it beautiful outside! JW is such a happy little boy. I sure do enjoy his smile. Doesn't he just light up a room with that sweet grin?
Grandma has been finding goodies for the kiddos, and Maggie was not too happy about being one chair too short to lounge on the lawn with the boys...Look at that pitiful face!
Ok, now David got up, and she's up to no good! hee hee...Patience little child!
We played outside as long as possible, and then I actually started to feel too hot. By then, Grandma had come home, and we had a chance to chat a little.
My mind has been on our soon to be garden at their house. I need to get my ideas down on paper very soon!
So Maggie reminds me of Luke last year. She is all about riding the horse. Luke was always on our horse last year. He still likes it a ton, but that new found excitement has worn off for him. Maggie rides it and the horse actually gets distance with her. I'll post a video one of these days. It's funny.

Bill and I went on a nice date tonight. We had dinner together, and of course, wondered what our kids were up to after a while. We just had to come home. You know, the time just goes by so quickly with the children. It's hard to even miss an evening of it. Wow, we have been blessed.
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April 16, 2008

My little munchkins...

So J.W. discovered those oh-so-precious feet this week.
I just love it when babies fold in half to inspect their toes.
Lately, he has been sucking on his hands and well, anything
near his mouth. He hasn't used a pacifier up to this point, but
a good friend saw a need for it. Thank you! He's been much
more content since we've given into this urge to suck.
Luke is growing up so fast. It seems like I blink,
and these boys aren't babies anymore.
I had to include Maggie on that horse. She is a wild woman
on it. That thing gets distance when she rides. Who says the
ladies ride soft? This girl was meant to be a cowgirl!

Today I did some trash digging, and found this chair.
It was in horrible shape, and I wasn't sure if I could
salvage it, but with some TLC and helpers all around
me, we all learned that it's true!
"One man's trash is another man's treasure!"
I had this fabric from the dollar table at the store.
I knew it would come in handy :)

I do have to share my not-so-latest discovery.
I've been using Murphy's oil soap on my hardwood floors, and occasionally on our table.
Yesturday, I went on this rambuncious cleaning spree, and started
washing down every surface in our kitchen. Our cubbards are wood, and pretty tacky to the touch.
We've tried washing them with various cleaners, and nothing has helped in the nearly four years I've been here.
Well, I've found it!!!! That Oil soap did wonders, and my cabinets are smooth again.
Yipee! The things that I get excited over these days :)

Well, I think it's time to go sit and relax. The kids are asleep...shhhhh!!!!!
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April 14, 2008

The little things...

A little thing...

This morning we had a tatoo party.
Sometimes, I forget how much I loved
those little treats as a kid.
I have to mention that the bracelet there is
David's. He gets very excited when Bill makes
one for him.
It seems like the days at our house have been
going much smoother since we are able to go outside and
play, run, get energy out! The sun is out and the overcast
skies are becoming fewer. It's funny how a warm sunny day
can effect our moods and energy level.
Our little garden in the window is doing well. It seems to be growing
daily...to the point where I hope I can keep them alive once
we transplant them in a month or so.
Another little thing...

I've been needing to make a few bibs for JW. He is drooling and
more spitty lately. After sewing a sling last night,
I found myself with extra material, so hey! Why not make those
bibs? This should help cut back on laundry at the very least!
If you are interested in making your own pocket sling or baby carrier, I found my
pattern at: http://thosemartins.com/bmt/index.htm
Maybe at some point, I'll post a picture of it. I hope we make it out to the library this week, or maybe even to a park! It sure is nice out!
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April 9, 2008

Gardening and Knitting...

With Spring here, I just can't wait to start planting our vegetable garden. The kid's helped plant seeds a few weeks ago, and they are growing nicely. Each day, we look at them and get excited about the fruit to come. David is starting to be such a great helper in watering them too!

So I finished my diaper cover project a few days ago. It's a free pattern that I found here: http://warmheartwoolies.com/PlainWrap.pdf This is how it turned out. I'm still trying to decide if I want to modify the pattern a little to make it a better fit on the baby. We will see about that! I've learning quite a bit about how to knit by trying these little patterns. It's a fun hobby.

Here is a little baby bootie that I also just finished. I recently found this pattern online at http://www.saartjeknits.nl/ She has another pattern for these cute little flowers that I might try someday. It's too complicated for a beginner like me at this point.

This morning has started out a little rough, but after prayer, and seeing Jesus show up to change things, I am doing much better. I also found out that a friend had her baby this morning. I'm sooooo excited for her. It's a boy!!! I know she was very excited to find out if the baby was a boy or girl. It seems that amoung my friends, the boys seem to out number the girls!!!

Well, off to play with the kids :) Until later, Rach~
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April 5, 2008


David calls this picture "Bulldog."
It makes me laugh because anytime that JW knows
his picture is being taken, he gets like this
toward the camera.
He's my bulldog. hee hee...


I just had to post this precious picture of Gabrial Josiah. One of my cousins had their first baby, and I'm just so excited for them. Isn't he such a doll?

If I didn't already have a baby, I think he would be an inspiration to have another around here! What a gift from the Lord!

This week, we have finally starting feeling the Spring Fever! It feels refreshing to open the windows during the day and see a nice sunny sky. We planted seeds for our vegetable garden and even did a few flowers. I do look forward to gardening this year!

I'm looking at the weeks and months ahead, and see how the Lord is bringing life all around us. I have several friends who are expecting a baby, and others who look forward to getting pregnant. The Lord truly has blessed our family with wonderful little children who are constantly challenging me to turn to Him for help. Tonight, I am thankful for what God is doing in my life and family.