September 29, 2008

Six Random Facts

OK, I'm not sure what being tagged is, but yup...I was tagged by Kira. So to play along, I will give 6 random facts about myself...uh um...

1. I always have a song stuck in my head. Right now it is "Mamma's little baby loves Shortening Bread.

2. I'm a bed hog. OK, yes...Bill, I know you are laughing. I finally admit it.

3. My most favorite thing to bake is Brownies from scratch. I like to say that I still have baby fat, but it's probably all the brownies to be honest!

4. I don't drink coffee, but Love the smell! I'm a hot chocolate gal.

5. I have to piddle before I go to bed.

6. It's not a TV remote, it's simply called a "changer."

September 17, 2008 many?

Frequently, I am asked by people I know and even strangers, how many children I will have. I can't say that I have ever had a number of children in my mind at any point in my life.

My mother wanted to have six children, and the Lord gave her four. We were a large and busy family. I learned alot from my siblings and my Mother did very well keeping up with us. I say she would have been great with six kids!

So back to us. How many is the question. Well, when Bill and I got married, I immediately went on the pill with no second thought. After 2 years of being an emotional mess, I started wondering if that pill was affecting me. That's when the questions started. We ended up deciding to go off and see what the Lord would do. Soon after, I became pregnant with David, and Bill and I started having more conversations about children. Bill has always wanted a large family, and I knew that at some point I would know my limit.

BUT THEN the Lord really worked in our hearts and has given us such an appreciation for the blessings (our children), that He has given us.

Children are a gift, a blessing! They push us to our limit, and past. They reveal our innermost weaknesses and teach us about life. They are innocent and still sensitive to the hurts and sin in this world. They can be rotten or wonderful, but in these moments, many times, I just see a mirror shining back at me.

So as I understand the scriptures, God gives and takes away life. He has his hand in every part of our life. I want Him to push me past my limit and teach me to trust Him as Jesus picks me up and carries me. I need that. (Proverbs 3:5,6) This is how I know God. When He is intimately involved in the inner workings of my life.

So with that said, the answer to that question we started many? I don't know. However many that the Lord gives me. We will see how the story plays out. We will live one day at a time, and not worry about tomorrow. I can rest assured that for now, Jesus will give me peace where I am. Isaiah 26:3,4 Thank you Lord, for my little babies. They are precious. I can't imagine it any other way. Psalm 127

September 16, 2008

"C" is for Cookie!!!!!

My friend, Ellie, made some of the best Cookies ever! Now I know you are going to think...chocolate chip cookies. What's the big deal? Well...if you dare...try these...we will see if you will turn into a Cookie Monster!!!!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cream together:
2 sticks salted butter
1 1/4 cups brown sugar
1 cup evap. cane juice crystals
1 Tbsp vanilla extract
3 eggs
Mix together in a plastic bag:
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
3-3/12 cups spring whole wheat flour
1 10oz bag choc chips
Add bagged ingred. to mixing bowl. Batter shoud be soft butfirm. Spoon onto tray.
Bake at 350 for about 7 minutes. (do not overcook).

Yum, Yum!

Fall Harvest

We've been enjoying the harvest of late summer and working
hard to preserve what we can for this winter.
The Lord has blessed us with tomatoes, apples, and peaches over the last week.
I must say that I enjoy every minute of it. The kids really like to help
out too.
So a little commentary on the photos.
The one of the baby with the watermelon. He was soooo hilarious
trying to bite into that huge watermelon! He has learned
that if I hand him an apple or peach, that he can bite it...
Well, the watermelon was a little too big!
The one of David sleeping was after a long day of picking apples and
peaches at a Farm. That boy Ran and Ran everywhere with the
other kids! He also insisted on picking his own bag of apples.
Lets far this season,
I've canned green beans, crushed tomatoes, tomato juice,
apple butter, apple sauce and peach butter.
Tomorrow, I will be recieving more peaches and apples!
Hopefully, we will have enough applesauce to last us through winter!
I'm thinking I need to freeze a few pies too :)
Now my feet hurt and it's time to go to bed.
I think tomorrow will be a slow and hopefully a restful day.
Can you do that with four little kids?
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September 8, 2008

The Park

Our neighborhood is such a neat place. I have met quite
a few neighbors with young children, and fortunately have
been able to do a few things with the ladies! This morning,
we were out on a walk, and stopped over at a friend's house.
She invited us to go out to the park, and the kids had soooo much fun!
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This weekend was full of activities.
I can't believe it's already September and
fall is quickly approaching.
Bill took the boys fishing, and I hung out at Grandpa and Grandma's
house. Here's Maggie after some coloring at home.
David is always ready to give me a smile for a picture.
Luke...what a ham...

We did a little paper craft before bed last night. Kind of like tissue paper Mosaics.
I found the idea at The Crafty Crow. Neat website! Like the tissue on Dub's forehead???

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Sewing and the Garden

I'm always jumping at the chance to learn a little more about sewing.
Here was an attempt to make an all in one diaper with my own pattern.
These really need gussets, so I'm thinking of a way to improve the legs.
They fit my older one in diapers great, but I think they could use some reinforcement...
I'm really enjoying the flowers in the yard this year.
Below are Cosmos. It is my first year to grow them. The plant
is larger than I expected, but worth it since
they are beautiful in a vase.
Next are a few other flowers. My favorite of course is
the Blanket flower. This is the trumpet variety. It's the lower left one.

Marigolds and zinnias are this last picture.
I like the bright colors!
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