July 30, 2008


So Dub is crawling in full gear now. He's a very motivated little
baby! The other day, he took a bath with the big kids,
so today he was gung-ho to figure out how to get into that
bathtub! He just loves the water.
I'm on a sewing kick right now. Dub has outgrown a few of his wool covers,
so I had an excuse to pull out a stash of wool sweaters. These look
much better than the first ones I made. I'm learning better
how to follow a pattern, and how to use the machine.
This morning, I found Maggie with the camera...
I guess she does literally copy EVERYTHING I do!!!! So
Here's a picture she took. She even turned the camera back off... Wow...
2 going on 20!

I love it when she picks up the dirt devil and cleans b/c she
sees a mess! I also stepped into the kitchen the other day,
and came back to the dining room to find her feeding the baby his
baby food, and saying YUM-YUM to him in a baby voice.
That one made me laugh.
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July 29, 2008


My brother, Nathan, and his family came to visist last weekend.
It was a treat to see them!! I get so excited to see my kids get
a chance to play with their cousins. We took them all over town, and
captured a few pictures at the canal.
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Growing a garden

Summer fun is playing in the hammock
with Grandma...
Our main veggie garden isn't doing so well this
year, but my little pots in the backyard are bringing a
smile to my face!
Here are the cherry tomatoes...

And our green bell peppers!!! Little baby ones! My neighbor
gave me these peppers.

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July 14, 2008

A Second Objective

The men of our assembly and I have been having a number of discussions regarding what Biblical preaching of the Gospel looks like outside of the institutional models that we had experienced.

Keeping in line with the desire to make a distinction between 1) the church as the assembly of the brethren and 2) Preaching to those who are outside of that assembly, we have previously been aiming solely at reaching people who have never heard the gospel through some very simple means and methods.

However, in looking at the mess of the contemporary church (division, structures that war against knowing god, unclear relationships, "positions" of authority, undisciplined sin, etc. etc. etc.)it becomes apparent that there is a great need for a watchman to call the Church to "Wake Up!", as well as reaching those who have never heard.

Based upon the order of the scriptures I believe it is appropriate to preach first to the Olive Tree, and then to the outsiders as those who should be seeking the Lord's correction fail to receive it.

May the Lord prune the dead branches so that the living ones may flourish, and others may be grafted in!

July 8, 2008

honorable mentions...

One of these days, I will learn how to post
a video on this blog :)
David learned to ride his bike a few weeks ago...or might
I say, that he suprised us by picking up a bike and just riding it!
Here's a shot of him that day!

So there's a funny story behind this one...
I go out for ice cream, and baby J-dub starts to spaz out
with daddy...no consoling him...in total desperation for peace,
Bill pulls out the portable dvd player and puts in Baby Einstein.
This is the baby's first encounter with this dvd...
He immediately starts to giggle, laugh and wave... Who would have known?

Couldn't resist this most sweet picture.
He'll be too big for my basin soon!
Splish splash little one!
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4th of July

Last weekend, we had the chance to go up to the cottage for a few days. We had such a great time there. The kids had fun playing at the beach and goofin' around at the cottage. Dub started crawling forwards thanks to the sand! He was soooo determined to eat that sand!! Luke had his first ice cream on a cone, and was chocolate all over once he had finished. Maggie, well...that girl isn't afraid of anything! She wanted her daddy to take her out into the water anytime she had the chance.
The Lord truly took care of us through allowing for our van to be repaired while there too. We had a "bump" on the way there, and praise the Lord, it didn't turn out to be a big deal when we had it looked at. So here are a few memories to share! We look forward to many more at the beach!
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