June 22, 2008

Canal Trail

We took a walk along the Erie Canal. It was fun. Very sunny, and the
kids seemed to enjoy themselves. Isn't the water scene pretty? This is where
the Genesee River meets the Canal. Gorgeous day!
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June 19, 2008

The Word Goes Out

Everything has finally come together to begin preaching the Gospel to the city of Rochester. The sign above is to salt the highways and byways of each area of the city and those who respond are invited to come and hear through the website www.hearwisdom.org
Brothers and Sisters I would enjoy your prayers, and to those outside the covenant, you are invited to come and hear. There is no "rehearsed" presentation, but simple faith that the Lord will provide the right words at the right time :-) It certainly creates an exhilaration to wait and see what the Lord will do.
This was the simplest, and most coherent way I could think to spread the seed of the Gospel far and wide. Plus it works within my means ;-)
I have no idea what to expect, but rather trust that there are people whom the Lord has already begun calling are waiting for an opportunity to respond. We will see how ripe these fields are for the harvest. Let's pray for the harvest!

June 17, 2008

Night At the Museum

We took the kids to the Strong Museum of Play.
They have a new section with Berenstein bears. Really cute.

The kids had to run around the flower garden :)

A smile from Lukie!

Really cool fish tanks. Just love the Salt Water tanks.
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The Farm

We had church out at the Farm, and it's really neat to
see the kids run and play around on the land. Lukie enjoyed sitting on this
four wheeler.

Maggie decided that she needed to be strolled around too...

We stayed over a few weeks ago, and let the kids camp
out with the daddys...They went-a-frog huntin' and
showed up with this guy!!! Go Lydia!!!

Setting up the tent... The kids slept fine...Daddy didn't...those bullfrogs
sure were noisy that night! I'm sure the kids will never forget that.
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I've been on a fruit kick! We were out at a farm, and picked a ton
of strawberries!!!! I just love having them on hand and the
kids eat em' up!!!!

Went out to the farmer's market, and went a little crazy on the fruit.
Believe it or not, this was eaten up in no time! I'm
thankful that my kids enjoy these snacks over processed foods...

So here's a shot of the garden. Not doing so great this year.
I think it's needing more sun acually. We will see how things turn out come
harvest time. I had to set up all of these deterants b/c little creatures seem to
have gotten to the peas and eaten a number
of my sunflowers along the fence.

Here's the beginnings of the kid's fort!!!!
Papa is building this fort in his backyard. He is very excited about
it. I can't wait to share as it comes together.
The boys have visions of tents and an overnight in their fort...boy! This sure will
be fun!
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June 11, 2008

Mommy, am I sixteen?

Just a few days ago, Luke turned the big Four Years Old, and it seems like
yesturday that he was born. I look into his face and see a shining little boy who
quickly is changing and making us laugh. He loves to be funny
and is such a carefree little boy.

Today, at the library, he asked me if he is sixteen. This made me smile because last year,
he told most anyone who asked him, that he was eighteen.

I'm so thankful for our Luke. He gives our home such a great
dynamic with his wit cute faces and affection. I like to call him
my cuddle bug, but he won't put up with that. He quickly informs me that
he is "Lukie!"

Luke, I love you dearly. You sure put a smile on my face!
It has already been four years, and as I look back I wouldn't change a thing.
You truly light up a room.
I love you!

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June 10, 2008

Why I love living in the City

Today I met a woman while in the front yard with the kids. She was another lady just walking by who stopped to coo at the baby on my back. We talked for a few minutes, and she told me her name. Of course, it wasn't a name that I would typically remember, and so I already felt uncomfortable thinking that I might not remember it in just a few minutes.
It's funny how living in a diverse community constantly reminds me of the needs around me. How that there are people who live just a street over or even a few houses down that are in desperate need of the Lord Jesus Christ. So back to this sweet woman who stood there talking to myself and little J-Dub. She started asking me about my kids and school and even mentioned the weather. I expected that. But soon, I started to learn little tid bits about her and saw the same hurts and struggles that I find in my own heart. What would I do without Jesus to answer my cries? She told me that she's not an atheist, and that she needs to learn to love herself before trusting another to love her.
As the conversation went on, I wondered what it is that has hold in her life. Is it her circumstance? her mental health? Drugs? Alcohol? The Holy Spirit just kept reminding me that really she just needs Jesus. The conversation was seasoned with salt, and left open ended to see her again soon. She wants to come over to play cards sometime or even learn about how to grow flowers. I went inside, and looked around the house. The pile of laundry to do, the list of chores that I had planned to accomplish, and suddenly I saw once again, how cluttered and crowded I make my own life with "stuff".
My kids were being so sweet, and ready to lay down for a little while, so I kissed them to go to sleep, and am now sitting here wondering. Will I get a chance to see her again? Will I forget that I am a rich and blessed woman if I forget about her? Living in the city sure gives me perspective. It tames back that desire to get things, or get caught up in my little bubble of a house. I pray the Lord keeps bringing these people along, and help me to be salt and light to them. I hope that I can learn to simplify and get rid of what I don't need. Those extras that just turn into clutter anyway. I hope that one day, when I invite a young hurting woman into my home for tea, that she would feel comfortable and at home. I want to know those around me, and want to share Jesus with them.
My hope is that I wouldn't believe satan's lies that she might hurt me and I should protect myself. I hope that my heart will be open to learn from those around me about the realities in life, and how to turn to Jesus even when I'm not in a trial. Do I trust Him even when not in a Crisis? I sure hope so.
Psa 25:4  

Make me to know your ways, O Lord;
teach me your paths.

Psa 25:5  

Lead me in your truth and teach me,
for you are the God of my salvation;
for you I wait all the day long.

June 4, 2008

Our Kids

Grandma found this oh-so-cute tricycle for the kids.
Maggie just cracked up everytime she rang that bell!

Luke had fun at Grandma's house. They love to play with chalk there!

David fillin' up his water gun!

You look YUMMY!!!!
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Something is growing in my house...

I have a houseplant that had this strange fungus come up this week out of the soil.
I have no idea why or how it ended up in my soil, but it sure does look interesting! (Not to mention the icky smell....)

Here is what it looked like about 12 hours later. This just reminds me of a color I would imagine at Willy Wonka's chocoate factory...The only problem is that it's not Chocolate, so it had to go. hee hee

I've been making bread from this really neat bread book that I found called Artisan bread in five minutes a day. I've been learning alot from it.

If you have any bread recipes to share, please do! I'd love to try them!
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