December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Our children had a wonderful time this year.
Playing in the snow, munching on goodies,
Watching movies, playing with family,
and of course, opening gifts and spending the
rest of the day playing.
I hope you had a great Christmas too!
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December 23, 2008

Around the house...

I've been reading a sewing book and
organizing my sewing corner.
Here's a peek at what I've got
put together so far. This morning,
Maggie and I went through all of the
fabrics that I need to get organized.
That's still a work in progress. I've been collecting
fabrics from all over. Hit it big at garage
sales this year :)
We haven't said much about our little hamster,
Boxer. He's grown up into a poofy little guy
since our last post about him.
"What ya lookin' at?"

"I'm gonna check this out..."

I gave him a say: what? Are you crazy?
Maybe a little. The poor poofy guy gets bedding stuck
in his hair. I like to give him a trim when it starts
to get out of control. :)
So Boxer is still well loved (a little too much by the baby...
borderline obsessed.)
This little hamster is a keeper.

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December 22, 2008

Update on Laundry Detergent

So for those of you who are wondering about the laundry detergent that I recently made.
I thought I'd quick let you know that it has turned out to be a great detergent! Check HERE for
the recipe if you are interested. It was very inexpensive to make, and has turned out to be a nice detergent for us.
I don't like a strong smell on the clothes, and it is very economical!

December 21, 2008

It's Snow!!!!

This week, we went to see a VERY lit up house
near where Gma lives. I couldn't even capture the entire yard
with my camera. The kids just loved looking at it.
We had a snow storm, and so David had a grand ole
time helping Kira shovel outside. They were out
there over an hour. Everytime I looked out,
both of them had smiles plastered on their faces.
Isn't it fun when we get CRAZY lots of snow?

This morning, both of the boys went out with Daddy
to "shovel". The snow on the curb was up to the boys
shoulders! (Thank you plows.) Bill could
hardly get them inside to eat breakfast :)
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December 19, 2008

Getting Close to Christmas!

Well, I'm glad to say that this year has been fun getting ready to spend time together on Christmas. I've been able to make homemade gifts for the majority of our presents. It was definately fun learning in the process. Pictures coming soon!
Today we are getting snow, and it is just beautiful outside! I made a last minute run to the grocery store, and am glad to know that I can enjoy being inside our cozy warm home.
What kinds of things do you like to do inside on a snowy day?

December 4, 2008

Strong Museum

We just love going to the local Children's
Museum! Here's a glimpse of our trip!

Maggie likes Curious George. Like
the little cutsie face she makes?

Like the rocket ship slide?
Yep, our little girl managed to fly
off the side of it last time we were here.
I see why they have padding there...

J-Dub had alot of fun this trip. Mainly because
he's walking now...or should I say running now.
He saw this wide open area and took off like
a crazy boy!!
I look forward to more fun days at the museum.
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December 3, 2008

Paper Dolls

I found this cute site for free printable paper cutouts. You can make paper dolls, little houses, cards and other little things. I like that there are things for boys and girls.
It's called The Toy Maker .