July 8, 2010

The Beach Part 2

Now how could you resist such a cute face?

I tell you, Matthew is fearless. He got right in there and joined in on the fun.

This is a little water hole that the kids play in.
I can't get over that Bill played in it as a kid too.

Yep, it's us. Isn't he just so handsome?
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July 7, 2010

The Beach Part 1

This year the kids shocked the socks off us!
They always have preferred the sand over the water.

Here we are in Lake Ontario.

such a beautiful place.

Grandpa with the kids.
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July 6, 2010


There's nothin' like makin' memories at
the cottage. I didn't know that the kids like to play football so much!

We spent the 4th of July weekend w/ family this year.

Oh, the hammock. David and Luke enjoyed this immensely.

You know...there are stories of their Daddy in this hammock as a child.
If you get the chance...ask him about that!
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July 5, 2010


I just love summer!
Last week, we made it out to the zoo with a slew of friends.
I have great childhood memories of going to the Fort Worth zoo.

Our local zoo is always a fun place to visit.

The kids just love the exhibits where the animals swim right past them!
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July 1, 2010

Brown's Berry Patch

Strawberry pickin'
Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
We went with a friend who has the cutest baby!
I just love watching babies play together...
We also were able to pick cherries...yum!
They were so plentiful that the trees just sagged with dark
rich sweet cherries. The kids had a great time, and of course
the place had a wonderful playground to go to also.
What fruits do you like to go pick?
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