August 10, 2013

A Gift for Sunday

Here is some fruit from what Chris shared about singing the Psalms.

I translated this Psalm into common meter so it can be sung to any 8,6,8,6 tune.
I wrote it with Amazing Grace in mind, but it is easily changed to ... God rest ye merry gentlemen, O God our help in ages past... yes, even Gilligans Island,.

I've been working out what it means to translate the Psalms not as prose, but as poetry that can be sung in our language. The question I've been asking is whether it can be considered properly translated if it cannot be sung?

Another thought to share is that, since there is really no New Testament equivalent of the Psalms it requires us as believers to create new songs to fill out the message.
My hope is that as we learn to sing what is written in the Old Testament we will be better equipped to write more solid Psalms/Hymns/Spiritual Songs birthed from the Spirit given in the New Testament. There is a perspective, passion, depth, teaching, revelation, and emotion/mind connecting work in the Psalms that could surely serve to inform our modern song writing.

If the Lord prompts anyone to talk more please let me know. I am hoping to find fellowship on this little journey.
Especially with someone who understands the music side of the equation.



P.S. I've been experiencing that the process of translating really helps slow down and work out what the Psalm is saying.

  PSALM 59
Deliver Me From My Enemies

My God, deliver me from those
                that are my enemies;
I ask you to defend from those
                that up against me rise.

Please do deliver me from them
                that work iniquity;
and give me safety from the men
                of bloody cruelty.

Look, they lay waiting for my soul:
                the mighty do combine
against me, Lord; not for my fault,
                nor any sin of mine.

I’ve done no wrong, yet after me
                they run to the attack
Arise to meet me with your help
                and look upon my plight

Rise up Lord God of Israel,
                Lord of angel armies.     
Destroy the nations, sparing none
                of those wicked traitors.

They return when the sun goes down
                as howling scavengers
Like dogs they make great noise and sound
                prowling through the city

Out from their mouths they spew daggers
                Their lips are sharp as swords
Thinking none can hear their attack
                they never will be caught

But you oh Lord laugh at them all
                You see that they are fools
You’re my fortress and mighty God
                I wait on your great strength

My loving God goes before me
                my enemies to best
I’ll look on them who slander me
                in triumph and in joy

But don’t kill them, oh Lord my shield
                In your might bring them down.
Cause them to wander all around
                So we will not forget

Let them all be trapped in their pride
                because of their mouth’s sins.
Curses and lies they always speak
                Their lips are filled with sin

Consume them in your wrath oh Lord
                Until they are no more
So the ends of the earth will know
                God rules over Jacob

Let these men return in the night
                howling like packs of dogs.
Round the streets they search for food
                And growl when they find none

I will sing each morning about
                your mercy and power
You are my fortress and refuge
                in the day of distress

Oh strength of mine, to you I’ll sing
                new songs of highest praise
You’re my strong fortress and defense
                Filled with love and mercy

May 17, 2013

Braddock Bay Observatory

We went on a field trip to a bird observatory, and it was so neat!

The volunteers here tag the birds and observe where they migrate, their size, and features about the birds.

I was suprised to see how skilled they were at identifying birds and handling them so naturally!

The kids had a great time.

We had a Robin visit us! 

The most exciting find was a hummingbird that was caught that morning. All of the kids were gleeful about it. 
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