November 26, 2008

He's One!

One year ago today, our sweet baby boy was born.
John William Gucker, you have been
such a blessing to our lives!
We love your sweet faces, goofy faces, and constant smile.

The way you have worked hard to learn
everything your brothers and sister do.
You had to roll over, then sit up...crawl, and now
I am amazed to see you walking around with
that oh-so-cute toddle. Soon you will stop
crawling all together!

I love how you snuggle and want to be held.
I love it each time you fall asleep in my arms.
Your special glow lights up a room.
Your sister thinks that you are her baby,
but you are quick to let her can
hold your own!

Dub, you are a special boy. We love you very much.
Happy Birthday this very special day. Last year
I thought you'd never come! Thank You Jesus for our
sweet little son!
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