December 23, 2008

Around the house...

I've been reading a sewing book and
organizing my sewing corner.
Here's a peek at what I've got
put together so far. This morning,
Maggie and I went through all of the
fabrics that I need to get organized.
That's still a work in progress. I've been collecting
fabrics from all over. Hit it big at garage
sales this year :)
We haven't said much about our little hamster,
Boxer. He's grown up into a poofy little guy
since our last post about him.
"What ya lookin' at?"

"I'm gonna check this out..."

I gave him a say: what? Are you crazy?
Maybe a little. The poor poofy guy gets bedding stuck
in his hair. I like to give him a trim when it starts
to get out of control. :)
So Boxer is still well loved (a little too much by the baby...
borderline obsessed.)
This little hamster is a keeper.

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