January 15, 2010

Creativity and Encouragement

The optimistic dreamer, envisioning what could be.
The creative thinker, compelled by possibility.

A gift to the body, a catalyst for change.
A gift that is accompanied by numerous pains.

The deceiver will discourage you from all that you see.
He will speak in your ear, he does not want you free.
That will never work, you'll never get the chance.
Your different, a freak, you'll never advance.
Stay where you are, and let the status quo be.
Because nobody cares about the things that you see.

If he can't get your mind its your body he'll attack.
Through sickness, disease, or a crick in your back.
Anything at all to make you feeble and tired.
He knows its discouraging to walk in the mire.
He'll tempt you to wait till your body is whole.
To rest and not work is the sum of his goal.

If he can't get to you, just wait and you'll see.
The next on his list is your work or family.
Through finances, tantrums, or discipline protracted.
His aim is so simple, it's to keep you distracted.
Do not fear, do not worry, for your God he cares.
These battles are won on your knees with your prayers.

Now a word to the self, one opponent of three.
Don't suppose that you'll complete everything you see.
There is nothing you can build that can ever satisfy.
Ressurrection brings that, and our King draws nigh.
Simply hope that your work points to heaven from earth,
and pray that your efforts bring others new birth.

Be encouraged and work in the midst of each trial.
Let your vision of the kingdom be the source of your smile.
Give a taste or a light for the lost ones to see.
Keep watch for the dark one, resist him, he'll flee.
By faith you must work, but if little you make,
Know little is much when His glory's at stake.

May the Lord send brothers and sisters to encourage
May the work of your hand prosper and flourish

Father, let your kingdom be first in our eye
So that all we envision, will the church edify.

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