April 20, 2011

Favorite Snack

We seem to cycle through snack type foods.
Recently, we've rediscovered granola. YUM!
Here's our recipe:

4c. rolled oats
3/4c. whole wheat flour
1c. coconut
1c. chopped nuts
1/2c. honey
1/4c. sesame seeds
1/3c. coconut oil
1/2c. water
1tsp. vanilla
1tsp. cinnamon

Mix all together.
Place in a roasting pan or cookie sheet.
Cook for 1 hour in oven @ 350 degrees.
Stir occasionally.
After the mix has cooled, add whatever goodies you like.
I add yogurt covered raisins or pretzels.
Pretzel sticks, mini m&ms or chocolate chips.

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