July 8, 2011

Tree Fort

My Kids LOVE going to Grandpa & Grandma's house.

I mean, they just LOVE it!

Grandma always has time to sit down and listen to each of their
stories and watch any trick or thing that the children want to show her.

She even keeps em' loaded with squirt guns and sand boxes
to play in.

Grandpa is a kid at heart, and built this tree fort in the back yard for them...

We were SO excited to see it completed last year.

It was such a joy to build, that once Grandpa realized that the porch
was a little small for kickin' back and relaxing on, he had to make an addition..

So now we have a big porch! Since this picture, Grandpa has finished it
out with planters and a patio table that He and Grandma have breakfast on sometimes.
Thanks Grandma! Thanks Grandpa! You've outdone yourself!
We love you!
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