December 26, 2012

It's been a very long here's an update!

So I have disappeared for a long while and decided it's time to start blogging again...
I'm going to do a few posts to update what's been going on around here!
First off, we found out I was pregnant, and we had our 6th child in April of 2012.
Now just being pregnant throws me off the radar, so wow..It took a while to get back to my blog!
Here's a month to month photo view of our precious baby girl :)

1 month 

2 months-getting a few smiles here... 

3 months 

4 months 

5 months-awww, going to fall over any second!

6 months-Look! I can sit up!

7 months-I just love her little hand gestures. It's like she's going to take off and fly! 

8 months & her first Christmas! 

The Lord has been growing me in so many ways over this past year.
I hope to be sharing more regularly!
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