February 15, 2010

Learning to Read

This year I have been working with our kids on reading.
We started with a book that would work lesson by lesson to learn to read.
It went well, until about halfway through.
Somehow, the method became overwhelming for my son.
So we started the Dick and Jane books at the Library. Soon after that, I found this collection at the local bookstore! David is already more than halfway through it! They are really cute stories, and have stood the test of time. I like seeing the old fashioned toys and such in the pictures.
Another resource that my friend told me about are BOB books.
These are the neatest little books! My boys absolutely love the silly stories, and they are short enough that the child feels like he has accomplished something at the end.
I like the way that they are gradually harder and have a word list in the back.
We also have been using the Five in a Row curriculum for this year.
You know, I have learned quite a bit about how to teach using library books, and even how to make a lap book. I like that they cover a good range of subjects in each book that is read.
All of my children like to sit and listen to the stories, and so I feel that I don't have to keep the littles entertained with "doing school". It has been a nice approach to k5 and first grade for us.

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