June 29, 2010

Fat Ox

Bill entered a contest at a local Museum
to name their beer and won!
This museum is a historical village of houses from
pioneer days to the early 19th century.
Our family has belonged to this museum for a few years now,
and we just can't get over how we hardly ever see the same
thing twice when we go.
So we were invited to a special opening reception
for the old style brewery there. Bill was awarded a growler and
a year membership. We met the potter that made the growler,
and had a wonderful evening together.
The name that he submitted is Fat Ox Ale.
Funny thing is that there was an old Historical photo of
a local prize winning Ox that was 3000 lbs.
The museum used this photo in their presentation of the beer.
Pretty amazing how it all came together.
Congratulations Bill!!!!
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