June 27, 2010

My little Veggie garden

We have this TINY yard...Lead contaminated soil, and no full sun.
This poses a problem for a vegetable garden.
So this year, I am VERY excited to plant vegetables in the flower
boxes on our second floor balcony! I was unsure if the area would
get enough sun, but am pleasantly surprised at how well
the plants are growing!!! We have quite a few herbs... lettuce, bell peppers,
cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and a TON of green beans.
I have regular tomatoes downstairs in pots.
My friend, Kate, also planted beans from Slovakia on the side
yard along the lattice. I can't wait to see if we actually get
beans from it this year!!!!
Hopefully, I'll remember to post once we start getting a harvest!
What does your garden look like?

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