July 14, 2008

A Second Objective

The men of our assembly and I have been having a number of discussions regarding what Biblical preaching of the Gospel looks like outside of the institutional models that we had experienced.

Keeping in line with the desire to make a distinction between 1) the church as the assembly of the brethren and 2) Preaching to those who are outside of that assembly, we have previously been aiming solely at reaching people who have never heard the gospel through some very simple means and methods.

However, in looking at the mess of the contemporary church (division, structures that war against knowing god, unclear relationships, "positions" of authority, undisciplined sin, etc. etc. etc.)it becomes apparent that there is a great need for a watchman to call the Church to "Wake Up!", as well as reaching those who have never heard.

Based upon the order of the scriptures I believe it is appropriate to preach first to the Olive Tree, and then to the outsiders as those who should be seeking the Lord's correction fail to receive it.

May the Lord prune the dead branches so that the living ones may flourish, and others may be grafted in!
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