July 30, 2008


So Dub is crawling in full gear now. He's a very motivated little
baby! The other day, he took a bath with the big kids,
so today he was gung-ho to figure out how to get into that
bathtub! He just loves the water.
I'm on a sewing kick right now. Dub has outgrown a few of his wool covers,
so I had an excuse to pull out a stash of wool sweaters. These look
much better than the first ones I made. I'm learning better
how to follow a pattern, and how to use the machine.
This morning, I found Maggie with the camera...
I guess she does literally copy EVERYTHING I do!!!! So
Here's a picture she took. She even turned the camera back off... Wow...
2 going on 20!

I love it when she picks up the dirt devil and cleans b/c she
sees a mess! I also stepped into the kitchen the other day,
and came back to the dining room to find her feeding the baby his
baby food, and saying YUM-YUM to him in a baby voice.
That one made me laugh.
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