July 8, 2008

4th of July

Last weekend, we had the chance to go up to the cottage for a few days. We had such a great time there. The kids had fun playing at the beach and goofin' around at the cottage. Dub started crawling forwards thanks to the sand! He was soooo determined to eat that sand!! Luke had his first ice cream on a cone, and was chocolate all over once he had finished. Maggie, well...that girl isn't afraid of anything! She wanted her daddy to take her out into the water anytime she had the chance.
The Lord truly took care of us through allowing for our van to be repaired while there too. We had a "bump" on the way there, and praise the Lord, it didn't turn out to be a big deal when we had it looked at. So here are a few memories to share! We look forward to many more at the beach!
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