September 29, 2008

Six Random Facts

OK, I'm not sure what being tagged is, but yup...I was tagged by Kira. So to play along, I will give 6 random facts about myself...uh um...

1. I always have a song stuck in my head. Right now it is "Mamma's little baby loves Shortening Bread.

2. I'm a bed hog. OK, yes...Bill, I know you are laughing. I finally admit it.

3. My most favorite thing to bake is Brownies from scratch. I like to say that I still have baby fat, but it's probably all the brownies to be honest!

4. I don't drink coffee, but Love the smell! I'm a hot chocolate gal.

5. I have to piddle before I go to bed.

6. It's not a TV remote, it's simply called a "changer."
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