September 17, 2008 many?

Frequently, I am asked by people I know and even strangers, how many children I will have. I can't say that I have ever had a number of children in my mind at any point in my life.

My mother wanted to have six children, and the Lord gave her four. We were a large and busy family. I learned alot from my siblings and my Mother did very well keeping up with us. I say she would have been great with six kids!

So back to us. How many is the question. Well, when Bill and I got married, I immediately went on the pill with no second thought. After 2 years of being an emotional mess, I started wondering if that pill was affecting me. That's when the questions started. We ended up deciding to go off and see what the Lord would do. Soon after, I became pregnant with David, and Bill and I started having more conversations about children. Bill has always wanted a large family, and I knew that at some point I would know my limit.

BUT THEN the Lord really worked in our hearts and has given us such an appreciation for the blessings (our children), that He has given us.

Children are a gift, a blessing! They push us to our limit, and past. They reveal our innermost weaknesses and teach us about life. They are innocent and still sensitive to the hurts and sin in this world. They can be rotten or wonderful, but in these moments, many times, I just see a mirror shining back at me.

So as I understand the scriptures, God gives and takes away life. He has his hand in every part of our life. I want Him to push me past my limit and teach me to trust Him as Jesus picks me up and carries me. I need that. (Proverbs 3:5,6) This is how I know God. When He is intimately involved in the inner workings of my life.

So with that said, the answer to that question we started many? I don't know. However many that the Lord gives me. We will see how the story plays out. We will live one day at a time, and not worry about tomorrow. I can rest assured that for now, Jesus will give me peace where I am. Isaiah 26:3,4 Thank you Lord, for my little babies. They are precious. I can't imagine it any other way. Psalm 127
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