July 15, 2009

Adult Classes

Why adult only classes?

We do one thing, and we do it well.

There are no other clubs that I know of that are specifically for adults who want to learn later in life.
This is a special niche club for people who want to learn the techniques and skills of boxing, (including an exercise program) but don't want all the injuries and bruises. We all need to go to work tomorrow :-)

Most programs are children's classes with a few adults who happen along, while others are fight clubs focusing on competitors who want to "test their skills".

Mature adults don't usually want to train in a kid centered environment, and they also don't want the risks and injuries associated with a fight gym.

  • An increased sense of camaraderie due to sharing the same phase of life.
  • Shared desire for safety since everyone has important responsibilities outside of class.
  • The ability to teach and learn more "serious" self-defense material which doesn't belong in the hands of youth.
  • A greater appreciation for the Long-Term benefits. Health, fitness, and the ability to enjoy a greater quality of life.
  • Easier communication and cooperation. Greater maturity = Greater focus = Faster learning.

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