July 8, 2009

Kind Words

Many Thanks For The Kind Words!

"Bill's class has been amazing; while I have been actively working out for 25-plus years, the combination of coordination, flexibility, speed, and power that is incorporated in Bill's program has been transforming for me. That combined with the real-world self-defense aspects of the instruction makes the program phenomenal"
- Toby Reh

"I've done a lot of different types of exercise,
and I like Fitness Boxing the most.
You get out aggression, learn some good skills,
sweat, get tired, and sleep good.
Bill is a great teacher, it is a good atmosphere,
and there is good comradery"
--Syl Haberer

Fitness Boxing is definitely the most intense, yet fulfilling and FUN work out I have experienced. The atmosphere of the class is laid back and casual even when we are sweating bullets! The great thing about the class is that it appeals to every age/gender/skill level and there is always room for improvement. It is a class where you can move along at a pace you are comfortable with and will undoubtably see results within a couple of weeks!
--Lindsay Scott

I am writing this letter on behalf of Bill Gucker, who has worked with as a conditioning consultant for the RIT men’s lacrosse team. I have worked very closely with Bill and his company in the past four months, as he was the primary off-season trainer for the RIT Men’s lacrosse Team. I feel that Bill is an outstanding trainer in many different aspects and has worked with our athletes in regards to conditioning, speed training, flexibility and core streghtning.

Bill is one of the most thorough trainers I have ever worked with. He educates and motivates the players off the field on how to properly prepare themselves for the season. He has developed a program and system that allows the students he has mentored to work hard with all conditioning and with all injury prevention. He is an excellent trainer and is always looking out for the student’s behalf. This season, I have observed him in his sessions and he is very articulate, patient, demonstrative and communicates very well with the players and coaches.

Bill has been a huge asset to RIT Men’s Lacrosse. He has brought a ton of ideas to our off and in season workout programs. Our players love when “Karate Bill” comes to campus and works with our team. His energy, knowledge and dedication to our athletes has really gone noticed and we look forward to continue or relationship with Bill.

Gene Peluso
Head Lacrosse Coach
Assistant Director of Athletic Development
Rochester Institute of Technology

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