July 15, 2009

Self Improvement

Fighting is a Metaphor for life.

Struggle within -- Struggle without

The natural order on earth is to...
  • struggle at work
  • struggle with relationships
  • struggle in the world
  • struggle between nations
  • struggle in nature
  • struggle at home
  • struggle in your conscience
  • struggle in communities
  • struggle in you emotions
  • struggle in business
  • Struggle for peace - security - fulfillment
  • Struggle just to count all the things we can struggle with!
So...learn how to struggle well!

Become a person who:
  1. Chooses their battles wisely, and finishes what they start
  2. Finds a way to get things done, regardless of opposition
  3. Thinks strategically and looks at the big picture
  4. Has the conviction to know what is worth fighting for and what/who would be worth dying for.
Of course this doesn't mean becoming a bully or a brute!
Assuming that you have no desire to "beat people up", there is a lot to be gained by learning the art of struggle. The observations from Sun Tsu's famous book "The Art of War" have been applied to a number of other subjects over the centuries.
Traditional martial arts has always been practiced in a way that stimulates growth in all aspects of life:
Physically: Strength, flexibility, balance, reflexes, timing etc.
Mentally: Strategy, wit, analysis, synthesis, memorization, resilience, perseverance, etc.
Spiritually: Causes you to think about the meaning of life, and what things are worth fighting for.
We combine traditional values, with modern techniques and applications.
This world is difficult...practice a discipline that fosters holistic growth and development.

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