January 24, 2011

David's First Beethoven's Fifth

David is learning piano, and he has decided that he loves Beethoven. I think it's because Schroeder from The Peanuts TV special like Beethoven, but hey... he must really enjoy it to stay engaged for an hour and a half symphony performance. The RPO was playing Beethoven's fifth and Gary (one of the brothers from church that I meet with) suggested we take the older kids.

Well, your truly is not exactly the epitome of culture and high society but I managed to fake it for an evening :)
It was a great show, and the Eastman theater is quite a work of art in itself. The photo is the only one I thought to take, (Rachel is the family photo journalist) and it is of a glass sculpture that looked like a big mess of balloons. Pretty cool.
The kids did great considering this wasn't a very kid friendly place. They managed to make it through the whole experience with only one rebuke from an usher who thought that 5 kids drinking from a fountain should be a silent event. My guess is that he didn't have children of his own :) I was just glad the water fountain was still attached to the wall.
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