January 24, 2011

Luke's Baptism

Luke was baptized into the life of following Jesus at the beginning of January.
He had been asking questions, and trying to understand what it meant to take the Lord's table and later declared that he believed and wanted to be baptized. For whatever reason I delayed, and didn't make it a priority but was provoked by the Spirit when I heard Luke defending his faith and protesting to his sister that he did know Jesus and that she couldn't tell him he didn't. (Gotta love sibling bickering, but hey this quarrel bore good fruit :)
So what hindered him from being baptized...well nothing...so off to the bathtub we all went.
The rest of the church is behind the camera so the children could have front row seating.
Praise the Lord for young believers!

Another word about the Fruit of the Spirit in Luke's life:
So one evening in the not too distant past, Rachel and I had a sharp disagreement over a silly thing like whether a musical "whole note" could be referred to simply as a "note". (yes we actually fought over musical terminology...we are lame)
After we had walked away with the issue unresolved, my "little brother" / son quite plainly pointed out that I didn't have fellowship with Jesus because I was arguing with mom. What could I say to that? Not much...
So I just went and reconciled with my wife :)

Thank you Lord for putting your Big Spirit into little packages!

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