August 23, 2008

Looking back at this Week...

So this year, Bill signed me up to play Volleyball with his work team.
Our season was fun and I had such a great time getting back into
Volleyball. It was great exercise! I'm gonna miss it!
Tuesday was our last day of games. We had a tournament and cookout.
To my team (The Land Sharks): I had a great time, and can't wait
to play again next season!

See these black-eyed Susans around this tree???
I am very please to have finally figured out where to put
these monsters. As you can tell, my flower boxes really aren't
a great place for tall flowers, so they overwhelmed the rest of the
garden. Now the ones against the house (not shown) look great.
They can go crazy there! My friend, Kira, was so kind to come and watch the children while I moved flowers around. Yes...I know...I'm not suppose to transplant blooming flowers, but hey! time is limited! Gotta take the chance when it's here! :) So anyway, Thank you Kira!!!

Isn't Maggie so cute with her little pink purse? (Thank you Shana!)
The big leafy plant in the top right picture is called
Ligularia. I call it a Tim Burton flower. I'll have to post
a closer shot of the flowers. I think they are weird, but
I like the leaves on the plant.
So after playing out in the garden,
we put our babies on our backs to get to work in the kitchen.
I had put J-Dub in the carrier, and just a few minutes passed
to only find Maggie doing the same. She melts my heart.

My friend, Margaret (who just had a sweet little baby)

gave me a recipe for homemade tortillas.

Now let me warn you...if you make these tortillas, you might never go back

to the store bought ones... Maggie was gung-ho to help,

but after a while at the stove, I found her like this.

I was excited to see her wanting to wear her new apron...hee hee

Here's David & J-Dub goofin' around one night. Lukie didn't

make it into any of the pictures this time...He's being a little

camera shy...

Last night, I took a stab at making homemade yogurt. We go

through it sooooo fast, and I feel like I'm rationing it through

the week. It's suppose to be a very good food, so I'm very excited to

say that it turned out! The whole incubation period intimidated

me, but it really wasn't a big deal. Luke and Maggie loved it,

but David prefers a flavor in it. I'm sure we can work something out!

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