October 21, 2008

Can you say Pakistan?

Here is picture of an assembly from a couple weeks ago where we assembled with a group of brother and sisters from out in Chili. What a great time in the Lord. Our older brother Dan rented a pavilion for us all to meet in and it was great being able to get to hear what the Lord is doing in their midst. Dan invited and was able to commend to us Ralph and his wife who have been serving the Church over in Pakistan for many years. Seems that we as an assembly are regularly being confronted with the needs of Pakistan!

As a side note, when Rachel and I were first married (both of us were in a missions training program) she said that the one place she wouldn't go was to Pakistan. It really frightened her. Isn't it just like the Lord to confront us with our fears. It was great to see that after speaking with Ralph's wife during the meal time, Rachel's thoughts about Pakistan were transformed. God is great!

It was great getting together with the other brothers and sisters to hear what the Lord is doing in their midst and abroad. As time goes on it becomes so much clearer how the Church of Jesus is actually related and connected to one another. It is very good to see how each part of the body is doing its part to build up the Church and thereby send forth the Gospel to every corner of the world. I don't think our family will be traveling abroad anytime soon,with 4 children to raise and so much work to be done in our own neighborhood, but I am glad to participate in the work as the Lord has equipped me. I have never seen my role in the body of Christ so clearly, and I have never been so intimately connected to the Church at large.
Everyday the Lord grows brighter and the world grows duller!
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