October 21, 2008

Pakistan or Bust

Two great occurrences on this last Lord's day.

First, Wilmer's dad came to visit from NYC. It was his first trip to Rochester and he came to meet the church that his son assembles with. Awesome! Leli is from the Dominican Republic and doesn't speak english so it was awesome to hear Wilmer do all the translating. He was glad to see that his son is part of an assembly that loves his son like family, and we were glad to meet Wilmer's dad.

Second, Tim's family came from Syracuse to talk together about what it means for him to be sent to Pakistan. Wow, did his dad bless all of us young fathers by sharing the belief he has about sending his son to a place where he may be killed for the love of others in need. A blog can't do justice to his words. Tim (In the Yellow) will be traveling with Steven (in the tie) to Pakistan in a few weeks to deliver money from our assembly to the brothers there who are in need. I am so thankful for the opportunity to bear the burden of the brothers in Pakistan, and very thankful for young men who are willing and able to make the trip on the our assembly's behalf.

I am eager to hear the report of the Church in Pakistan. Karl (far right) went a number of years ago and expressed how they are rich in ways that we are poor, and visa versa. I expect it will be a mutual blessing.
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