February 24, 2011

What we are reading

I have come to a  new appreciation for reading in the last few years.
I think that some of this comes from reading to my children. So as I find books that have meat to them, I tend to bookmark to read to my younger children later.
A large part of homeschooling is reading and exposure to as much as possible.
We've been reading Holling's book lately which have good detail and illustrations that keep the kids interested.
I like that I can stop and talk about the sketched pictures with the kids if they are interested in the chapter we are reading.
My boys are in early elementary, but I think this book would be interesting for up to 5th grade.
It's a great way to fill out history.
We also were reading Seabird.
This story was a little over my boys heads, but they got the main picture.
They definitely didn't want me to put it down!
Right now we are reading Minn of the Mississipi.
This one has a few things in there that are good conversation starters about
beliefs, but they boys just keep asking if we can read more.
So that is just a peak at a few good books we've been into.
What are some of your favorite books? I'd be glad to check them out!

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