June 10, 2008

Why I love living in the City

Today I met a woman while in the front yard with the kids. She was another lady just walking by who stopped to coo at the baby on my back. We talked for a few minutes, and she told me her name. Of course, it wasn't a name that I would typically remember, and so I already felt uncomfortable thinking that I might not remember it in just a few minutes.
It's funny how living in a diverse community constantly reminds me of the needs around me. How that there are people who live just a street over or even a few houses down that are in desperate need of the Lord Jesus Christ. So back to this sweet woman who stood there talking to myself and little J-Dub. She started asking me about my kids and school and even mentioned the weather. I expected that. But soon, I started to learn little tid bits about her and saw the same hurts and struggles that I find in my own heart. What would I do without Jesus to answer my cries? She told me that she's not an atheist, and that she needs to learn to love herself before trusting another to love her.
As the conversation went on, I wondered what it is that has hold in her life. Is it her circumstance? her mental health? Drugs? Alcohol? The Holy Spirit just kept reminding me that really she just needs Jesus. The conversation was seasoned with salt, and left open ended to see her again soon. She wants to come over to play cards sometime or even learn about how to grow flowers. I went inside, and looked around the house. The pile of laundry to do, the list of chores that I had planned to accomplish, and suddenly I saw once again, how cluttered and crowded I make my own life with "stuff".
My kids were being so sweet, and ready to lay down for a little while, so I kissed them to go to sleep, and am now sitting here wondering. Will I get a chance to see her again? Will I forget that I am a rich and blessed woman if I forget about her? Living in the city sure gives me perspective. It tames back that desire to get things, or get caught up in my little bubble of a house. I pray the Lord keeps bringing these people along, and help me to be salt and light to them. I hope that I can learn to simplify and get rid of what I don't need. Those extras that just turn into clutter anyway. I hope that one day, when I invite a young hurting woman into my home for tea, that she would feel comfortable and at home. I want to know those around me, and want to share Jesus with them.
My hope is that I wouldn't believe satan's lies that she might hurt me and I should protect myself. I hope that my heart will be open to learn from those around me about the realities in life, and how to turn to Jesus even when I'm not in a trial. Do I trust Him even when not in a Crisis? I sure hope so.
Psa 25:4  

Make me to know your ways, O Lord;
teach me your paths.

Psa 25:5  

Lead me in your truth and teach me,
for you are the God of my salvation;
for you I wait all the day long.

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