June 19, 2008

The Word Goes Out

Everything has finally come together to begin preaching the Gospel to the city of Rochester. The sign above is to salt the highways and byways of each area of the city and those who respond are invited to come and hear through the website www.hearwisdom.org
Brothers and Sisters I would enjoy your prayers, and to those outside the covenant, you are invited to come and hear. There is no "rehearsed" presentation, but simple faith that the Lord will provide the right words at the right time :-) It certainly creates an exhilaration to wait and see what the Lord will do.
This was the simplest, and most coherent way I could think to spread the seed of the Gospel far and wide. Plus it works within my means ;-)
I have no idea what to expect, but rather trust that there are people whom the Lord has already begun calling are waiting for an opportunity to respond. We will see how ripe these fields are for the harvest. Let's pray for the harvest!
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