June 11, 2008

Mommy, am I sixteen?

Just a few days ago, Luke turned the big Four Years Old, and it seems like
yesturday that he was born. I look into his face and see a shining little boy who
quickly is changing and making us laugh. He loves to be funny
and is such a carefree little boy.

Today, at the library, he asked me if he is sixteen. This made me smile because last year,
he told most anyone who asked him, that he was eighteen.

I'm so thankful for our Luke. He gives our home such a great
dynamic with his wit cute faces and affection. I like to call him
my cuddle bug, but he won't put up with that. He quickly informs me that
he is "Lukie!"

Luke, I love you dearly. You sure put a smile on my face!
It has already been four years, and as I look back I wouldn't change a thing.
You truly light up a room.
I love you!

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