June 17, 2008


I've been on a fruit kick! We were out at a farm, and picked a ton
of strawberries!!!! I just love having them on hand and the
kids eat em' up!!!!

Went out to the farmer's market, and went a little crazy on the fruit.
Believe it or not, this was eaten up in no time! I'm
thankful that my kids enjoy these snacks over processed foods...

So here's a shot of the garden. Not doing so great this year.
I think it's needing more sun acually. We will see how things turn out come
harvest time. I had to set up all of these deterants b/c little creatures seem to
have gotten to the peas and eaten a number
of my sunflowers along the fence.

Here's the beginnings of the kid's fort!!!!
Papa is building this fort in his backyard. He is very excited about
it. I can't wait to share as it comes together.
The boys have visions of tents and an overnight in their fort...boy! This sure will
be fun!
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