May 2, 2009

About The Author:

I live with my wife and five children, in the city of Rochester’s 19th Ward, which is the area between Genesee St and the Airport.

We are followers of Jesus and therefore part of his Church. We meet with the Church in each others homes to read the scriptures, pray, and share the Lord’s Table with one another. Our assemblies have no government other than the Lord Jesus, and his Spirit. This leaves room for each person to bless the Church with the unique gifts that God has given them. The expectation is that each will strive to maintain good order and use their gifts to love and build others up.

Because no brother rules over another, and because we have no creed other than the scriptures, it is every person’s responsibility to maintain the Spirit of unity and the bond of peace. Although this is difficult at times, it produces strong and healthy believers because it requires patience, love, and knowledge of the Scriptures. We strive to be of one mind and one Spirit without fearing disagreement because there is only one Lord, and one Truth. Those who earnestly seek Him will find him. We can wait on the Lord to clarify areas of knowledge, and only divide over matters of law and sin

While the local gatherings are small and intimate, the larger Church is connected through the many relationships that weave them together. Through both personal knowledge and commendation, connections are made that allow for the sharing of gifts and resources where there is need. The Lord also gives elders to help oversee, guide, and build relationships between the various local assemblies.

The Lord gives various gifts to each member of the Church so that they can perform different roles and functions within the whole. The Lord has equipped and called me to the work of evangelism, which is the sharing and spreading of the good news of God’s kingdom, and the forgiveness of sins. As a result, I strive to sow the seed of the gospel with the hope that it will find good soil and save those with ears to hear.

As this message goes out, I expect it will have a number of effects. Many will hear and be hardened in their sin and unbelief. Many outsiders will hear the gospel and respond in faith, repenting and being baptized into the Church. Some of the religious “Pharisees” of our day will hear the simplicity of the gospel and forsake their religion for the true and simple way, while those who are already followers of Jesus will be able form new relationships, as they find each other throughout the community. The preaching of the Gospel is never in vain, and God’s word never comes back void.

I look forward to hearing from you as the Lord leads and as your heart responds.


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