May 21, 2009


Maggie turns Three this week. Could she already be? I just can't believe it.
I have really enjoyed this age with her. We've gone through the phase recently of
her talking, but no one can understand a word she says.

In the past few weeks, her speech has become clear, and some of her most common phrases
are: "For Real?", "I like you!" and "where's my baby?".

She really is such a helpful little girl.
I can't get over how she is always next to me ready to help with anything I am doing.

I think in my mind that I want her to stay this way forever. Don't grow up!
But...recently I realizedthat even though
I can't stop her from growing up,
I can enjoy every age just as much as the youngest years.

I just pray she will follow Jesus and keep that sweet spirit.
Maggie, I love you so very much! 
Congratulations! You are 3!
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