May 2, 2009

Street MMA

Since there are no universally accepted categories defining JKD Concepts (STREET MMA), and the MMA you see on TV today in events such as the UFC, I will try to make a distinction.

If your goal is to win matches in a game, then you train to that end. You train to fight in a ring (or cage) where you will square off against a single equally matched opponent. There is a referee to ensure all players hold to agreed upon standards and rules of conduct. These rules prohibit the use of concealed weapons, and attacks that are aimed a permanent injury, disfiguration, and death. In short, the sport of MMA eliminates a number of variables that can be present in a real world confrontation, and therefore will change your training methodology.

A responsible practice of STREET MMA must ask different questions and develop different scenarios. 
You Must Address:
  • Handling multiple attackers
  • Staying on your feet, rather than going to the ground
  • Environmental dangers or advantages (falling on stairs, finding exits)
  • Handling an armed assailant
  • Making use of an available weapon
  • Dirty Attacks - biting, eye gouging, finger locks, strangulations
  • Moral and emotional elements
I'm not trying to make "which is better" comparisons, but make a distinction in training methodologies so you can choose the one that is right for you.  Many MMA athletes could ruin my day in the ring with superior conditioning, youthful vigor, and more tools designed to submit an opponent. My only hope against an opponent like that is to have a different bag of tricks, and that requires a different training methodology.

As the old proverb goes: Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill

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