May 24, 2009

Why So Blunt?

I often get asked why I am so blunt about the gospel, or why I don't present Jesus in a more attractive way. I think that is a fair question, which deserves a sincere answer.

There is a lot at stake concerning the message of Jesus. From Adam, to Noah, to Moses, to Jesus and everything in between and after, the theme has been about sin and redemption. Sin has serious consequences, earthly justice has the power to punish the guilty, and heavenly justice even more so. Every person is equal under the law of God. Everyone is guilty of sin, and all under the wrath of God's justice. The day of Judgment will be terrible for those who receive justice for the wrongs they have done against God and their fellow man.
Sin and punishment are a major theme of the scriptures. From first to last, Adam sinned and was punished, Jesus suffered the wrath of the Father so that sins could be forgiven, the last book of Revelation is about the final Judgment.

So although there is much to be said about the goodness, love, and mercy of God, it is all meaningless and unprofitable to a person who doesn't yet understand the wrath of God toward sin. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom". God is holy and will punish all sin. It is in the light of his holiness and just nature that we are able to appreciate the grace and mercy that have been revealed in the later days through Jesus. But, First things First.

Preaching the Gospel to the world is a big task, and there is no time to waste. A sincere, direct, and "blunt" approach seems to be the best way to get the job done.
No matter how you dress up the truth, or try to make it more attractive, a person still needs to be confronted with their guilt under the law. This is quite offensive, and difficult to accept, but there is no way to soften the blow, so it seems best to get to the heart of the issue so people can decide what to do with it. (Best to lance a boil quickly so the healing can begin)

The purpose is not to make people believe, (That is the Holy Spirit's job) but to present the truth clearly, so it can be accepted or rejected for what it is. There are many other versions of Jesus that are easy to accept, but have no power to save. My job is to present the warning as an invitation to seek Jesus, and let it fall where it may. If your heart is hard you will reject it, if it is soft you will accept it.

The objective is not to argue, persuade, push, or coerce by any violent means, but simply to present the message as an opportunity to be saved. Do with it what you will, but hopefully you can at least understand why it would be fruitless to "beat around the bush". If there is destruction coming, it's best to sound a loud and clear alarm. I don't want to be found guilty of being a poor watchman and not warning my neighbors.

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