February 20, 2008

Around the House

I just love seeing the peacefulness of a sleeping baby.
Maggie always finds such interesting places to sleep.

This week I went on an organizing spree
to get our crafts in order.
This prompted making homemade
playdough and of course,
more creativity.

We pulled out a tent that has
been put away for a while.
They seemed to have fun
playing in it together.
David is already talking about
how he wants to go camping
this summer.

This next picture has a story...hee hee
So I sneak over with the camera,
and she hears it zooming and focusing.
Before I can take a picture, she is already turned
and saying CHEESE!!!! That made me laugh...ok, I even
called a friend to share. Afterwards, I was able to get this picture.

So that's been what we've been up to.
I sure can't wait to wander outside more often,
once the weather warms up in a few months. :)
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