February 6, 2008

Cloth Diaper Information

So in the last few years, I have researched like crazy about cloth since I use them, and thought I should put my compiled favorite sites in one place to share with friends. If you do cloth or are thinking of using them, these links would be helpful!

First I want to share my favorite options for cloth diapers. If you are trying to decide which diaper is right for you, look into wool covers and fitted diapers.
The wool is amazing in that it lasts through many babies and breathes so that your little will not get hot and will have very few rashes. I just love to use wool covers. They are very inexpensive to make too! If you are looking to just buy a wool cover, look here!

How to care for your wool covers:
I recently learned that when washing wool covers, that you don't actually need a special wool wash for them. For a long time, I special ordered my wash. You can use Johnson's baby wash in a tepid water bath to wash by hand. Gently hand wash without rubbing or wringing the fabric. You do not need to relanolize them each wash unless you notice wicking. Once the cover starts to wick, lanolizing is very easy!
Just take a squirt of Johnson's wash, then about a quarter size dot of lanolin, and mix in a small cup with water. Heat that cup (I use the microwave.) Stir it up, and you should end up with a milky consistancy. (You should not have clumps.) Pour this cup of solution into a room temperature water bath. I just soak the covers in there for at least 20 minutes, and then take them down to the washing machine and spin out the liquid. Then, I lay them or hand them to dry. I don't have to relanolize very often. If it's your first time to waterproof it, I would suggest doing it twice. It will feel tacky, but that will slowly go away.

Fitted diapers are a great choice because they hold everything in, and are easy to teach others to use when watching your child.

Check out these Basic informational websites:
Dealing with stinky diapers:

Yahoo groups and forums:

There's a sewyourowndiapers yahoo
Also, a woolsoaker group (more knitting), but good for learning about how wool works, and has good files to read.

Making your own stuff sites:
Where to buy fabric:
VeryBaby This site also has diaper sewing tutorials.

How to make your own Wetbag:

Diapers & covers & costs:

How to make your own Longie Wool Pattern.

Make your own Wool Wrap cover:

Fitted Diaper Patterns: (2 links)

Knitting a Pull-Up style cover pattern (great for wool soakers or fleece)
Here is a tutorial on sewing your own cover.

More Knitting Patterns for wool covers.

Online Store I recommend:
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