February 23, 2008

David is 5 Years Old!!!

Today We celebrated David's 5th birthday.

We met up with friends at a bowling alley and enjoyed seeing our kids experience bowling for the first time ever. That was soooo cute! David was really into it, and Luke not so much, so Maggie picked up Luke's place in the game and was funny to watch as she got so excited over her turn. That little girl picked up bowling balls and tried to carry them around. We really got a kick out of it.
Afterwards, we enjoyed pizza and dessert with our friends. I truly believe that David enjoyed his time with everyone.

I also wanted to share these pictures of JW. He really cracks me up about the camera. Here, he started smiling and cooing at me, but as soon as he would see that camera pointed at him, he would get serious (and maybe a little scared.)

He sure is growing fast! I just can't believe how much little ones change in a short period of time.

I recently found a pattern for a sling that I'm going to make for him. I currently have been using a ring sling that is great, but doesn't carry a heavier baby well. I am figuring that it will only take a few more months before he will be pretty heavy for me in it. I'll have to post the sling once it's all made.

I look forward to church on Sunday. It's always refreshing to spend time with brothers and sisters in the Lord. I'm so thankful that the Lord has blessed our family with a group of believers who really work to take care of each other. It's great to have that support.
Have a great weekend!!!
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