February 9, 2008


Not much gets past me, but today, I was truly suprised! I had plans to go over to family's house, and they had a suprise birthday party for me. I think that is so sweet. Monday, I turn the big 30. It doesn't seem like I could be there yet, but hey! With each year, I feel that I have grown to learn so much more. It's a good time of life. Young children around me, and a peaceful marriage. We really have been through alot, and are doing so well because of the Lord. So here's to another year! Yipee!
On another note, I've been working very hard over the last few days. It's been bitter cold outside for quite some time now, so I'm back on a cleaning spree. Being in the house all the time really does give me the itch to get it very clean and clutter free. We've been downsizing our furniture to make it feel more spacious. I'm very happy with the progress.
Lately, the house has been a BEAR to keep up with, so with less, comes less upkeep. I just love that. Welll, that's all for now. Gotta go hug my little Miss Maggie...
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