March 15, 2008

Homesteader Wanna Be's

Yup that right...Homesteaders in the Hood!

Some of my brothers and I just love to make stuff, and learn how to do stuff. It seems that the weekends have been filled with experiments and studies of all sorts. As much as I love the idea of homesteading, I would have no clue about what to do. There are so many skills that I have yet to learn, but I can't think of a better use of time then learning to do them all.

We have been having great family events, and the kids (mostly the older ones) just love to participate and learn.
Yesterday a bunch of us brothers got together and started learning to pan fry fish with a wide variety of herbs and spices. The goal was to achieve simplicity in preparation and excellence in flavor. It was a success, and even the pickiest eaters were chowing down. (Let's just say that Maggie is to fish what cookie monster is to cookies, plus it passed the Luke test)

Kurt taught us all how to bake bread from scratch and we produced a fine set of dense and hearty loaves which were absolutely full of flavor. Danny doesn't have anything that compares (That's Danny Wegman of the Wegmans supermarkets for you non-locals)
Gotta love that fresh out of the oven yeasty goodness. Next morning we had it with real butter and Rachel's delicious canned apple butter. That evening we finished it with an olive oil, rosemary, and garlic dip. Yum!

Since the weather is so unfriendly we have been focusing on indoor activities and skills.
Here are some current undertakings combined with a few future goals.
-I have slowly been re-arranging the basement to have a few sections dedicated to different activities. There is a brewing room, a growing room, a laundry area, a workshop area, and storage area.
-I am still learning guitar. (slow, but steady)
-Rachel is looking for a reasonably priced piano on craig's list for teaching the family. (If anyone sees something locally give me a shout)
-Rachel has made great progress in knitting! (I think she is so attractive when she's knitting :)
-We are contemplating an indoor hydroponic garden...that may be for next fall after we finish the outdoor season. But it doesn't hurt to start your homework early.
-The boys are learning some boxing.
-Rachel has been up on the reading and art/craft lessons with the kids.
-And lastly...lots of culinary endeavors. We have really begun to rethink how we eat and need to develop new cooking and food preparation skills.

So if any of those subjects interest you too lets talk and exchange ideas. If you have any interesting indoor skills, I would be happy to talk about swapping lessons!

With Love,

Your Hood Homesteadin' Homies
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