March 14, 2008

It's the weekend!!!

Today I am thinking of how nice it is that it's friday. Most weeks, I am not particularly looking forward to one day over another. Each day has it's own activity going on.
This week, I have experienced one thing after another, and have felt overwhelmed a few times. I've been thinking about how my children need my actual attention and need not be set to the side to just "do something." I just pray that the Lord will help me to become a faithful mother to stop rushing around and enjoy the children more often.
A friend of mine gave me a cute book of all kinds of crafts to do with little ones. I plan to be more deliberate in using the book to start to create structure for the children so that they will have a good learning environment that won't be a shock once we start formally homeschooling.
It's funny how the responsiblility of training and teaching the children many times gets set aside to do things that just don't matter in the grand scheme of things.
I hope to gain an understanding of how to take care of the essentials, enjoy those side hobbies, but most of all be faithful to Trust Jesus, and cherish these times with the children.
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