March 2, 2008

Growing and Changing

I can't believe how fast they grow!

Our little JW just loves this beautiful blanket made by a family member. It's nice and long so I can actually still swadle him. He loves to be bundled up. He's already 3 months old!

Luke is growing leaps and bounds. His vocabulary is improving, and he is soooo very close to his big brother. I can't get over how much they laugh and goof around with each other. Luke sure does like to be funny.

This is what I call Maggie's Punky Brewster outfit. Don't you love the bright colors? She is definately quite the little girl. She has a thing for shoes...(sounds like me). When I pulled these snow boots out, she just had to wear them. I'm suprised she kept that pig tail in b/c she constantly wants to mess with it...I love this picture.

One of these days, I'll get a shot with all four kids in there. Baby was sleeping, so he missed this one.
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