April 24, 2008

Highland Park

Today we went to Highland Park to see the Spring trees blossoming. The Magnolias were absolutely beautiful! I am suprised my allergies didn't go nuts while we were out there. The air smelled like sweet candy, and the flowers were falling all around us. I don't think I could do it justice with words.

The kids tolerated me taking their pictures in a few places around the park. I just couldn't even capture the trees! We walked up a path and saw 4 painters with their easles and canvases painting these trees. All of their pictures were so different and pretty springy colors. Once we arrived at the indoor flower garden, a lady came up to me and asked if I wanted to be in a picture with the kids. I tell you, the people in the park were very cheerful! I think the sun and flowers sure do bring out smiles! I sure can't wait to see heaven. It will be more than I could imagine!

Here are a few individual shots of the
kids. Poor JW didn't make it out of the carseat too many times. I had my hands full!

The boys are just starting to show interest in climbing trees this year.
Grandpa is building them a tree fort...that should be fun!

The indoor flowers were very pretty. They had a section of spring bulb type flowers (which I could hardly peel Maggie away from), and then more tropical to then the desert type plants. I was intriged by all of them. Absolutely beautiful!
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