April 14, 2008

The little things...

A little thing...

This morning we had a tatoo party.
Sometimes, I forget how much I loved
those little treats as a kid.
I have to mention that the bracelet there is
David's. He gets very excited when Bill makes
one for him.
It seems like the days at our house have been
going much smoother since we are able to go outside and
play, run, get energy out! The sun is out and the overcast
skies are becoming fewer. It's funny how a warm sunny day
can effect our moods and energy level.
Our little garden in the window is doing well. It seems to be growing
daily...to the point where I hope I can keep them alive once
we transplant them in a month or so.
Another little thing...

I've been needing to make a few bibs for JW. He is drooling and
more spitty lately. After sewing a sling last night,
I found myself with extra material, so hey! Why not make those
bibs? This should help cut back on laundry at the very least!
If you are interested in making your own pocket sling or baby carrier, I found my
pattern at: http://thosemartins.com/bmt/index.htm
Maybe at some point, I'll post a picture of it. I hope we make it out to the library this week, or maybe even to a park! It sure is nice out!
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