April 18, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa's

Grandma & Grandpa's place...
We spent the afternoon over at Grandma & Granpa's place, and boy was it beautiful outside! JW is such a happy little boy. I sure do enjoy his smile. Doesn't he just light up a room with that sweet grin?
Grandma has been finding goodies for the kiddos, and Maggie was not too happy about being one chair too short to lounge on the lawn with the boys...Look at that pitiful face!
Ok, now David got up, and she's up to no good! hee hee...Patience little child!
We played outside as long as possible, and then I actually started to feel too hot. By then, Grandma had come home, and we had a chance to chat a little.
My mind has been on our soon to be garden at their house. I need to get my ideas down on paper very soon!
So Maggie reminds me of Luke last year. She is all about riding the horse. Luke was always on our horse last year. He still likes it a ton, but that new found excitement has worn off for him. Maggie rides it and the horse actually gets distance with her. I'll post a video one of these days. It's funny.

Bill and I went on a nice date tonight. We had dinner together, and of course, wondered what our kids were up to after a while. We just had to come home. You know, the time just goes by so quickly with the children. It's hard to even miss an evening of it. Wow, we have been blessed.
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