April 16, 2008

My little munchkins...

So J.W. discovered those oh-so-precious feet this week.
I just love it when babies fold in half to inspect their toes.
Lately, he has been sucking on his hands and well, anything
near his mouth. He hasn't used a pacifier up to this point, but
a good friend saw a need for it. Thank you! He's been much
more content since we've given into this urge to suck.
Luke is growing up so fast. It seems like I blink,
and these boys aren't babies anymore.
I had to include Maggie on that horse. She is a wild woman
on it. That thing gets distance when she rides. Who says the
ladies ride soft? This girl was meant to be a cowgirl!

Today I did some trash digging, and found this chair.
It was in horrible shape, and I wasn't sure if I could
salvage it, but with some TLC and helpers all around
me, we all learned that it's true!
"One man's trash is another man's treasure!"
I had this fabric from the dollar table at the store.
I knew it would come in handy :)

I do have to share my not-so-latest discovery.
I've been using Murphy's oil soap on my hardwood floors, and occasionally on our table.
Yesturday, I went on this rambuncious cleaning spree, and started
washing down every surface in our kitchen. Our cubbards are wood, and pretty tacky to the touch.
We've tried washing them with various cleaners, and nothing has helped in the nearly four years I've been here.
Well, I've found it!!!! That Oil soap did wonders, and my cabinets are smooth again.
Yipee! The things that I get excited over these days :)

Well, I think it's time to go sit and relax. The kids are asleep...shhhhh!!!!!
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